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Creepy Anthy.

Writer's Block: Places to Lay Your Head

How many different places (cities, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.) have you lived in? Which is your favorite? And your least favorite?
I'm only putting down the ones I remember (or was told of)

1. I believe this one was in Rockwall, TX. It was a parsonage (the house a preacher and his family lives in). I was technically not born yet, but still. And oh yeah. My parents and older brothers were kicked out. Long story.

2. Big blue house in Nevada, TX. I was around three or four when we moved from it, so I can just barely remember...

3. White house in Trout, LA. This was also a parsonage, but my dad wasn't preaching in this church. The preacher just lived somewhere else. It is now torn down. We moved from it when I was around 7.

4. Brick house parsonage in Nebo, LA. My dad -was- the preacher at this church.

5. My grandma's house, also in Nebo, LA. We moved here after my granpa died and my dad left the church he had previously been preaching at.  We lived there for around 3 years, I think.

6. Trailer in San Rafael, NM. We lived here for about three years as well, after my dad got a church nearby. Left after the second church he preached at and started got to 'stressful' for him.

7. Two story house in Brookhaven, MS. Didn't live there for very long. Maybe about a year. I got my first job at Sonic while living there, which sucked.

8. Small house in Holloway, LA. It was okay. Was living here when Katrina hit. Put the power out for a few days. And the kids next door were kinda annoying.

9. Blue house near Natchitoches, LA. Met my first 'real' boyfriend while living here. What an ass. But also met my current boyfriend, as well. Yay.

10. Old white house in Jena, LA. Didn't really spend that much time there. Got fed up and moved out to be with my boyfriend.

11. Current house. It's small...kinda crappy. But it has to be my favorite, because of the person who lives inside it with me. And the kitty, too.