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Spike's ass.

I had a weird, but somewhat fun dream last night. Some of it I can't remember, but here it goes anyway:

First I saw Joxer (the goofy guy friend who is in love with Gabrielle on Xena). I remember him being in a tavern. He was mad at me, apparently because I didn't care for him like he cared for me. So, I left.

Next thing I remember was being in some kind of hallway where Angel (from...Angel) came up and hugged me and started kissing me. I remember thinking he kissed very weird, but I went on with it anyway. We moved down the hallway and ended up in a bedroom where we both fell on the bed. He stopped kissing me, though, and we ended up lying across the bed, head by head. He said having sex with me would be worth it and he was -sure- it wouldn't turn him into Angelus. I kept asking if I really made him happy, but he wouldn't answer me.

Then, we were in the hallway again. Someone knocked on the door, and Angel answered it. It was Wesley, dressed all in black and narrowing his eyes menacingly. He wanted to attack Angel, I think, so I ran over. But then he poured some kind of liquid all over me, which made me scream in intense pain. (For some reason, that made me think I was a witch. But Idunno.)

And yeah. I don't remember if anything happened after that...